Julie & Phoebe Riverwood Downs 2015

Back Pack Hikes

Back pack hikes are a great way bond with your dog by giving them a job, the breed is a working breed and both needs physical and mental stimulation, physically the dogs are not carrying much weight, only dogs that are aged over 18 months are encouraged to carry a water bottle and a small first aid kit.

Mentally the dog is set with a task of carrying the back back from point A to point B, the dog is to remain under control of the handler and keep pace with the group.

Our hikes typically range from 5-10km and are generally held on weekends.

Upon members and their dogs achieving distance milestones they are presented with a patch to show the distance they have travelled.

Julie & Phoebe have hiked over 200km together on our back pack hikes.

Back pack hike dates 2017:

12th of March 5pm @ Swansea followed by a BBQ

23rd of April 7am - Final leg of the progressive Lake backpack hike.


28th of May 8am @ TBA


24th - 26th of June @ Riverwood downs.


6th of August 8am @ Barnsley.


22nd of October @ TBA

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