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Selecting the right puppy is more than searching the local classifieds.

Registered breeds with in Australia have invested more time and money than possible to count to ensure the health, well being and temperament of our breed.

With guidelines and breed improvement schemes set out by the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia, the Australian National Kennel Council and Dogs NSW our breed is healthier than ever.

Before you run to online classifieds and search engines to find a new member of your family there's a few things you should do first.

A list of registered breeders can be found online:

Dogz Online

Dogs NSW​

GSD Rescue NSW

You can also find a lot of helpful information on the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia's website:

In the near future we will have a database available of our member breeders giving you the opportunity to find a local breeder to speak with.

If you're a member and would like you're information published as part of our online database please send us an email with your details. This can include photos, information regarding current and up coming litters available.

NHRGSDC Breeders

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